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Terms and Conditions:

  1. Booking an appointment through our website does not create a solicitor-client relationship. Please do not provide confidential information via the web form.
  2. All appointment bookings are subject to a conflict-of-interest check and we may notify you of cancellation for reasons of conflict or otherwise.
  3. The free initial consult is intended to explore your legal concerns.
  4. The free initial consult does not cover any review of documents and/or materials.
  5. Initial consultations are limited to one appointment per matter and/or per person. We may, at our discretion, permit additional books for separate and unrelated matters.
  6. The free initial consult is limited to person who has not made any appointment with us before, whether through our online appointment booking system or lawyer referral program. If you have met with us before, please contact us directly to schedule your appointment. 
  7. We will advise you when the free consultation is over and you may decide to continue the appointment at our standard rates.
  8. You agree that the initial consultation is not designed for providing substantive legal advice or reviewing documents.

Please read the above terms and conditions before scheduling an appointment online with us.