Flair Air USA Routes Class Action

Flair Air USA Routes Class Action

Flair Air USA Routes Class Action


On March 29, 2019, a proposed class action was filed in the Federal Court of Canada alleging that Flair Air illegally cancelled confirmed tickets of passengers on various USA routes.

This class action seeks, among other things, a Court order requiring Flair Air to pay damages to the passengers.

If the action is certified by the Federal Court of Canada to proceed as a class action, you will be automatically included as a class member. To receive updates on the progress of this lawsuit, please subscribe to our Mailing List below. Joining the mailing list does not create any financial obligation.

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Please safely keep records of the correspondence with Flair Air including any confirmation emails, credit card receipts, and any screenshots.

Mar 29, 2019 A proposed class action was filed in the Federal Court of Canada.
  1. Am I part of this class action?

The class action is a proposed international class action. It covers passengers anywhere in the world who had their tickets with Flair Air cancelled on various USA routes after February 28, 2019.

All class members will be automatically included in the case once the case was certified. At this time, there is no action required to be part of this class action.

  1. Do I need to take any action to be part of this case now?

No action is required at this point. However, please keep records of any correspondence including confirmation or notification emails, replacement tickets, receipts for additional expenditure, credit card statements, credit card authorizations, etc. This information may be necessary after the certification of this class action.

  1. Can I still commence an individual action (e.g. Small Claims case)?

This class action does not preclude you from pursing the matter individually in court. However, as part of the class action procedure, the Court may stay or suspend any individual actions or similar actions that are pending in order to conserve judicial resources and avoid both a multiplicity of proceedings and contradictory outcomes. Evolink Law Group cannot advise you in an individual action. Please consult your lawyer if you plan to proceed individually.

  1. Will class members be liable for the Flair Air's legal fees if this class action does not succeed?

Class members are not liable for the defendant's legal fees if this class action is not certified or if we do not succeed at the common trial.

  1. When will I hear further information about this class action?

We will notify those that have signed up to our Mailing List on the next steps and when they expect a notice from the Court.

  1. What are we asking for in this class action against Flair Air?

This class action is seeking to recover compensation for each passenger.