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Corporate / Commercial Law

Start-up Packages

Building your business from scratch can be an overwhelming experience.

Before starting your company, consider the following common legal traps for startups:

  • Not having a written agreement in place with your partners
  • Not complying with Business Corporations Act when incorporating a company
  • Not having an employment agreement to protect yourself
  • Not giving thought to intellectual property protection
  • Not naming the company correctly and lose future possibility of trademarking
  • Not having a good terms of use and privacy policy for your website

Hiring the right lawyer can save you time, money and trouble down the road. We take care of the legal side and you can focus on growing your business.


Incorporating a BC Company

Incorporating a company can bring you many prospective benefits, including:

  • Limited liability – you will be shielded from the company’s liabilities.
  • Lower corporate tax rate – you may save taxes through proper tax arrangements.
  • More room for expansion – a potential investor can easily join, which means more funds for the business.
  • Brand protection – starting a company and protecting your brand goes hand in hand. 
  • Tax planning – there can be tax deferral and income splitting through corporation.
  • Streamlined sale of business – just sell the shares of your business and you are good to go!

We make incorporation no longer an expensive process.

  See our BC incorporation package


Outside General Counsel Service

Still under the impression that legal services are high cost? We will turn your belief upside down.

Our outside general counsel service offers entrepreneurs the option to have their own legal counsel at a much lower rate. Once we are retained, we will develop intimate knowledge of your company and be able to provide timely advice tailored to your needs. Your company will have a legal specialist on board - respond to your legal needs on demand, anywhere and anytime. From drafting contracts to legal consultation, we have got you covered.

Debt Recovery

Debt collection is for sure a well-known nightmare for a business owner. After dialing the same number thousands of times, sending numerous letters to the debtor, or even confronting the debtor, you may still be unable to collect the debt. 

Our firm is here to help you recover your money. 

We will recover money for you by:

  • Strong late payment demand
  • Issue court proceedings against the debtor
  • Enforce the judgment and seize the debtors’ assets

Hand over the debt collection process to us - no more chasing your tail!


Contract Drafting

It is true that DIY your contract might save you some costs at the beginning. However, a properly drafted contract can save you time, possibly money down the pike, and most importantly, help you manage risk. We offer a la carte contract drafting services - all customized to fit your company's needs.

Here is our top 7 legal documents that companies should consider having:

  • Standard Employment Agreements
  • Shareholders Agreements, if more than one owner
  • Intellectual Property Assignment Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Websites’ Terms of Use
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Franchise Agreements

We will draft and refine the agreement entirely based on your business's needs. Contract drafting is no longer a nightmare. 


Selling / Buying Business

About to sell your business or buy a business? A sale or purchase of business generally involves several steps:

  • Structuring the deal – share versus assets?
  • Signing a Non-disclosure agreement to protect confidential information shared
  • Negotiating preliminary agreement
  • Due diligence – reviewing the company’s minutes book and material contracts; checking titles of assets and property
  • Negotiating and finalizing the final agreement
  • Closing the deal

The sale and purchase of a business is a major financial decision. By choosing us, you will have us by your side to negotiate a favourable agreement and address any legal issues. 


Corporate Reorganization and Governance

A company is a living tree. This dynamic and organic system needs to grow in accordance with the business needs to ensure prosperity.  

How a good corporate governance can benefit you?

  • Better performance of the board of directors
  • Allow tax savings through reorganization of share structure
  • Improving accountability and transparency of the board
  • Enable more interaction between the board and the shareholders
  • More sustainable business
  • Help attracting new capital

If you don't have a good corporate governance practice in place, it's time to rethink - thinking one step ahead is crucial to achieving a greater goal.


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