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You want to get off on the right foot, do you? Let us help you incorporate your BC corporation.

BC Incorporation Package

Incorporating a company can bring you many prospective benefits, such as:

  • Limited liability - you will be shielded from the company's liabilities.
  • Lower corporate tax rate - you may save taxes through proper tax arrangements.
  • More room for expansion - a potential investor can easily join, which means more funds for the business.
  • Brand protection - starting a company and protecting your brand goes hand in hand. 
  • Tax planning - there can be tax deferral and income splitting through corporation.

With our all-inclusive incorporation package, you can enjoy all the benefits of incorporation without worrying any legal compliance problems. We make sure you comply with the Business Corporations Act. Our incorporation package is offered at transparent and reasonable price. "How much does it cost to incorporate a company? What is included?" are no longer a secret.

You can own your BC corporation from today.

*noted that the package below does not include incorporating a medical corporation or a personal real estate corporation - please call us to find out more about incorporating professional corporation. 

Best Value

BC Incorporation Package

$980 all-inclusive

The all-inclusive price includes:
Filing fees (approximately $450), our legal fees, and applicable taxes.
All related documents to ensure legal compliance
Articles of Incorporation, shareholders and directors' resolutions... see our FAQ for the full list.

Optional Add-on - Annual Maintenance Service ($250 per year including taxes and annual report filing fee):

Just like any tangible asset, a company requires annual maintenance to stay in good standing. Your company will be dissolved if annual reports are not filed in two consecutive years. Upon dissolution, any asset of the company vests in the government. This could be a catastrophe to any business owner.

By subscribing to our annual maintenance service, you can rid yourself of the annual formalities. Our annual maintenance service includes:

  • Preparing the annual shareholders and directors’ resolutions
  • Preparing and filing your company’s annual report to ensure your company in good standing
  • Being your attorney for service – accepting service of all legal documents for your incorporation

The annual maintenance fee starts one year after the company is incorporated. 

FAQ of our Incorporation Package

What is a Records Book?

The Business Corporations Act requires every company to keep a records book at its records office. A records book is therefore a mandatory legal requirement and every corporation should maintain an up-to-date one to ensure legal compliance. 

A Records Book generally contains:

  • All shareholders’ resolutions
  • All directors’ resolutions
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Documents issued by the Registrar
  • Directors and officers register…

Our BC incorporation package help you compile a Records Book to ensure compliance with the laws. 

Where should I keep my Records Book?

You should keep your Records Book at the company's records office, which must be the same as the company's registered office.

The common practice in British Columbia is to maintain the registered and records office at your lawyer's office. The Records Book will therefore be stored at the lawyers' office for public inspection.

We offer an optional add-on to our client to have us act as their company's registered and records office at an annual rate of $180.